Healthcare in America, by: Cristal Partida

Have you ever had to experience someone telling you that you don’t qualify for healthcare because of your height, weight, or medical condition? By pointing thing out such as height and weight you think, “what does that have to do with healthcare?” well it does more than you may think. When people apply for healthcare they have to give all their information to be a possible candidate. Health Care companies even deny people healthcare because they are overweight or any other small requirement that shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t make sense how Health Care companies only want to approve healthcare to those that are the healthiest and not to the people who truly need it.

For example, in the movie “Sicko” by Michael Moore there was a case about a man who had an accident and chopped two of his fingers off, his marriage finger and his middle finger. When this man went to the hospital and was helped they ended up telling him that he had to choose which finger he wanted to keep because they had put a price on his finger. One finger was about $12,000 and the other was about $20,000. It was outrageous to put a price on someone’s finger. This man needs to work and support his family just like any other married man must do, and missing one of his fingers makes it more complicated, and on top of that the man and his family had debt that they were struggling to pay for.

The problem with Health Insurance companies is that they have the power to save lives and help people live a better life, they just refuse to do so because it costs money. People who work for health insurance companies are even encouraged to deny people for healthcare—and are even given a bonus at the end of the year for how many people they deny. It is the same for doctors, they are limited to do only a certain number of operations per year.  I think this system is very unfair. People should be encouraged to help other people to live well and live healthy.

I was very amazed when I watched the movie “Sicko” about how Canadians have free healthcare and don’t have to pay a cent. The system there is more about helping other and not just simply about money. Every single Canadian in Canada has free healthcare no matter your age, weight, height, gender, or ethnicity. I was very encouraged to move to Canada after watching this video. Another country that has a system similar to this is England. Everyone in England has free healthcare and pay only ten dollars for any medication. Medication that costs a lot of money here you can get in England for only ten dollars.

America has come down to only worrying about money rather than the health of its citizens. Healthcare is now simply another business that only focuses on profit. From a religious point of view, and as a Christian, it is unacceptable that people would have other people die so that they save money. Money is a worldly thing, and there is no reason why we can’t help one another.

According to the New York Times, there was an article about the positive effects of the new reform, “Patients without insurance pay on a sliding fee scale that is made possible by Medicaid reimbursement. For example, if they earn $10,830 or less a year, which is the usual case here, they pay $3 a visit.” (Barry). I think that this will definitely help patients with a low income, and help them get the care they need. It is important that everyone is treated equally no matter their financial situation because we as people can’t help but get sick or have an accident where we need medical attention, and I think that the healthcare industry is taking advantage of this by making people pay these large debts for surgery and medication.

I was very moved by this article, and it really hit me on a personal level because I had a family member who had cancer and was a victim because he was constantly being experimented on, and the Doctor detected Cancer when he was eight years old but didn’t tell the family until he was fifteen, and by then it was too late, and he passed away at the age of sixteen. Another reason why I think that the healthcare system is corrupt is because of all the proof and evidence that all they care about is money. I was very horrified after watching the videos we watched in class and it opened my eyes even more and showed me that this can happen to anyone, even me. I hope that Obama’s reform is successful and that every American has the right to a healthy life without a cost. If Jesus was here as a human now he would try to make a difference, and he would reach out to anyone who needs the help, and we as Christians (or simply people) should follow his footsteps and help everyone that needs it.


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