Land Use, by Marianne Steverson

The planet is made up of two main components: water and land. These things are considered very precious because they are used everyday, by everybody. Water is constantly being used for drinking, showering, planting, cooking, etc. Land is also used for planting, building, driving, and farming. In the past it seems as if the land used to be of more importance, but now it is just being taking for granted. Looking back in history, the people who best took care of it were the Native Americans; they never did anything to harm the land, they just lived on it. They saw it as a god; each element, water, land, air, fire, etc., represented a different god. So it’s easy to see why they took care of the Earth and preserved what area was being used by them.

“Open land is a natural but limited source. Along with air and water, it is our most abundant resource” (Unfug and Schwartz). There are people who don’t care about the Earth that we live on; they do not appreciate it for all of the natural resources it has. They are just destroying it for their own selfish needs, and money. The majority of them are big, macho business guys who are so concerned about making money for their own pleasure, which means tearing down the land and using it to make factories. Believe it or not, plants are very useful, especially  today where there is bad air quality in parts of the world.

Trees, one of the most important resources, are extremely critical to have because it helps clean the air. Every time a person breathes they exhale carbon dioxide, and every time they inhale they take in oxygen; which comes from trees. Trees take in what humans breathe out and humans take in what trees breathe out, too. It’s a partner system; they even say it’s good for people to talk to their plants because it helps them grow. Without them, the air quality will just keep getting worse and worse; to the point where people’s health starts becoming affected. But not only are humans affected by trees, but animals too. Some of them use trees for survival from predators and as homes for them and their babies. There are some animals that use them to store their food, or as a source of food. Some trees produce honey or sap that grows on the bark of it. Animals can’t speak up and say, “Hey! We live here, too! So stop destroying our home!” All of this shows just how important they are to everybody’s daily lives. Who knew that these tall, green, leafy trees, which sometimes is used a resting spot for shade, would be of such great use to everyone?

Humans should be more aware of how their actions affect not only them, but others who live around them, too. Other lives are being harmed by deforestation, which involves the process of cutting down trees to make room for business operations. To make it seem as if they are doing well by cutting down the trees, they use them as a source of paper. Yes paper is needed for work and school; but being that they are a factory that produces things; can’t they hire researchers to think of better alternatives to make paper? One way would be by denim, the same denim that’s used to make jeans; probably the only thing about denim paper is that it has a slight blue tint to it. Companies should be thinking of better ways to produce things, and don’t get me wrong some have. But there are some who need to make a better effort in coming up with new ideas to make their products, if they care about the Earth. Looking on some products, for example composition notebooks, they say somewhere on the cover of it that it is made of 35% recycled material. That alone makes a difference; that 35% saved a percentage of trees from being “slaughtered” through deforestation.

Land use is also important for farming. It’s not only important to farmers, but those who don’t farm, because that is where our source of food comes from. Americans like to eat, and they eat a lot; portion control is not in their vocabulary. They like eating large amounts of food, and if they want the best quality of food, then the farmland and the animals need to be taken care of properly. The good farmers, who care for their land and their animals make sure that they have healthy animals to kill for meat and aren’t corn feed, but grass fed and aren’t stuck in cages. They take care of the soil, making sure it’s good enough to grow fruits and vegetables. If the farmers aren’t given enough land, good land that is, then they won’t be able to produce good produce and meat. Americans will suffer from bad quality of food. It’s going to have a chain reaction.

In conclusion, we as Americans should come up with better ways to conserve land and make products. It’s a team effort that can be accomplished; we all just have to work together to come up with new ideas. Remember that others live here, too, so try being considerate and think of the choices that will affect someone else.

Works Cited

Charles S. Unfug and Lewis Schwartz. “Developing Pains.” Environment, Vol. 19 No. 1.              January/ February 1977.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sarence on June 2, 2010 at 4:32 am

    How we use the land affects a wide range of people and we need to think of others when using nature. I think you did a great job explaining that it’s a group effort because everyone is affected by improper land use and that we all need to do our part because it’s our duty.
    -Sarence Simatupang


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