As the instructor of these talented, inspired, and dauntless English Composition students from La Sierra University, I proudly welcome interested readers to look on as we struggle to writer our way around all sides of issues that have a direct impact on the health of our society and our planet.

For our readers,

If you are concerned about the apathy of future generations; if you doubt their capacity to care about the world we live in; I hope you find inspiration in the carefully crafted words of the students of both my 222 and 112 writing classes this Spring quarter, 2010.

And for my students,

Welcome to a space where we can meet at any time to “hang out,” post ideas, comment on each others’ writing, argue about some things, agree wholeheartedly with others, and most importantly, improve our ability to lucidly write about the issues that matter to us.

Let the medication begin!

Mrs. Whitni Roche

College Writing Instructor

La Sierra University

(The views posted on this site will not necessarily reflect the official position of either La Sierra University or the institution of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  They are the working ideas of the students themselves.)


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